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We understand that infertility is deeply distressing, often touching every aspect of life.  We appreciate the isolation it causes, and we aim to replace that with a hand of friendship and support.  We provide information which we hope will enable those who are experiencing fertility problems to make informed choices throughout their investigations and treatment.

What is Infertility ? - The clinical definition of infertility is the inability to achieve a successful pregnancy after one year of well-timed, unprotected intercourse. This doesn’t mean that you cannot conceive, but you may benefit from medical assistance.

If you've had regular, unprotected sex for more than a year (or six months if you're over 35) without conceiving, see your doctor. Nearly 90 percent of couples with infertility problems can be successfully treated.

Read on to learn about the common causes of infertility, treatments, and how many couples become pregnant with treatment. Keep in mind that success rates may vary, since one couple can have multiple problems.

Infertility can be classified in to two heads -

1. Male Factor Infertility

2. Female Factor Infertility

Male factor Infertility is caused by some deficiencies on the part of male.

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Female Factor Infertility can arise due to problems in particular Female's anatomy.

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